Daniel Michael Ashton

I'm a UX Designer and Frontend Developer.

I make more than User Interfaces, I make products that are an extension of the 'self'.

Every design needs a foundation, a concept, a reason for being. This is how we evoke "emotion in design".

I'm an ideas person. In my formative years as a Fine Artist this became apparent. I took the skills learnt and applied them to digital product design.

The best way to contact me is at salcombeweb@gmail.com.

Frontend Developer

Frontend design & development is the medium I currently work in. I apply a simple design philosophy to all the projects I work on. I must leave no question marks in the end users mind. Their destination must be easy to find, and their journey must be a pleasure to experience. I like there to be an emotional response to my designs.

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I recently chose to return back to working freelance after taking a 3 year break while I took up full-time employment with Aspidistra Software. Aspidistra create B2B e-commerce websites for manufacturing, wholesale and distribution companies that are fully integrated with some of the most widely used ERP systems including Sage.


A thing happens, we react, we feel something about it, and then we go on explaining it.

I'm a Bachelor of Fine Art, holding a degree in Interactive Arts from Manchester Metropolitan University. At the centre of my toolkit are conceptual skills, ideas generation and an awareness of how we as humans interact with the environment around us, the products we consume and the people we love.

In an increasingly singular world, my work aims to explore themes of alienation and human interactions with "The Machine". As we expect more from technology, do we expect less from each other?

"Until the 20th century, reality was everything humans could touch, smell, see, and hear."


For Web / UI/ UX

When applied well, web conventions make life easier for the user because they don't have to constantly figure out what things are and how they're supposed to work as they go from site to site. "To live outside the law, you must be honest".

Websites and Apps are products, every product benefits from good design. The Mouse and The Tracking Pad are now extensions of our body, we all carry a palm sized computer in our pockets. The online world has never been so close or a part of us as it is today.

Who I Work With


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